Protect Your Privacy

Do you feel like people are communicating less and less face to face these days? Unfortunately, it is not just a feeling. Modernity has brought us many electronic devices and they have literally swallowed us up. However, there are two sides to everything in life, and this is no exception. So how can we maintain our privacy and personal freedom without being trapped by the Internet?
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There are several options. First, it is a very good idea to set who can access your account and see your posts. Most apps allow you to customize almost everything in this area and even hide your profile from some people. This is because you never know what kind of people are browsing you and collecting information about your identity. In addition to these protections, be sure to limit your use of social networking sites and cell phones in general when you are away from home. The world does not need to know what you are doing, where you are, why you are there, or who you are with 24 hours a day. So learn to separate the virtual world from the real world before it is too late and your once real life is taken over by the online world. A very popular method these days is to participate in so-called offline weekends
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What does that mean? As the name implies, it means not turning on your wifi or mobile data all weekend and completely shutting off social media and the Internet. Many people even deliberately lock up their cell phones and laptops and go out to the countryside to clear their heads. Of course, this is already extreme. For starters, it\’s really enough to make an appointment with a friend to go out for the evening, leave your cell phone at home, or at least turn off the data, and just enjoy being together. For more on this kind of offline thing see: