Protect your environment, your health, and your wallet!

At least in most households, the “trinity” of glass, paper, and plastic waste applies. Even dead batteries and old appliances are not likely to go to the landfill as they used to. But what about less obvious contaminants? All the money we spend will only end up contaminating our own bodies and, ultimately, nature. Whether it is sanitationdiet or simply unnecessary garbage, the motto “it gets better” applies:
životní prostředí
Everything is healthier versions
– Do you like sweets? But just because you have something to eat doesn\’t mean you have to fill your body with chemical “E\’s“!Fruits, whether fresh or dried, are also full of sugar, and homemade cakes
are also a treat. In addition, they will contribute to the boycott of palm oil.
– Instead of traditional sugar, one can use, for example, dried stevia!
– Semi-finished or “ready-made” products are full of preservatives and sold in cumbersome plastic packaging.

Invest in quality .
– Disposable plastic razors, paper tissues, and even things like “women\’s products” are more durable and can be used repeatedly, thus recouping the initial investment in a better quality product very quickly.
stvrzenka nákupu
Reduce excess waste!
– Plastic bags and shopping bags. Did you know that most of the trash you bring home comes in the form of packaging? Choose foods that are unwrapped or do not require packaging, and pack your shopping in your own bags. At home, use reusable bags and containers that are environmentally friendly.
– Plan your shopping. Following a shopping list will save your wallet, your time, and your house, ensuring that you only get what you need and that food doesn\’t go bad and get thrown away.