Projector Lamps

Today, this question is not so hot anymore. Because while the classic lamp may have fallen into the twilight of yesteryear, there are still devices where this lamp (let\’s call it classic) still exists. [With traditional projectors, they have to be replaced after a while. Depending on the manufacturer, it is usually 2-4,000 hours. Prices are around $3,000 per unit (could be $10,000 or more), so this is not a cheap option.
Přenosný projektor

Therefore, it is better to choose an LED projector that is presented with a lamp life on the order of 10,000 hours. Usually it is 10-20 hours. If used to show one or two movies once a week on Saturdays, the LEDs will last a lifetime. In addition, presentations at work or school can be added.

Conventional lamps are slow to ramp up to full power. The same is true at the end of projection. Time must be allowed for the lamp to cool down. These two inconveniences are completely eliminated by LEDs.

So is there any advantage to classical? Yes, there are. The most important one is light. More precisely, technically speaking, it is the light output. When using such a device with this lamp, there is no need to be greatly careful about shading the room. Of course, dimming will make details stand out more, but we are more concerned with what we can see.
Profesionální kino projektor

This is not to say that LEDs perform poorly or not at all; it is not to say that LEDs perform poorly or not at all; it is to say that LEDs are not a good choice for home projectors. The key question here is whether you are going to use it only as a home projector or to travel the world. Classics are no longer recommended at all, as they are very sensitive to any “rough” handling or physical damage. Even if you use the best case, there is always the possibility of damaging the unit or even the lamp. Particular care must be taken.

So be careful when choosing, and most importantly, don\’t be fooled. It is best to have it demonstrated. And in a room that is not dark.