Population of the Czech Republic last year 2018

The population of the Czech Republic increased in 2018. Compared to the previous year, the population of the Czech Republic increased by about 40,000 people; the population at the end of 2018 was 10,649,800. This is the highest population of the Czech Republic since the end of World War II (the population in 1945 was 10.7 million). However, this increase was not due to an increase in the birth rate, but rather a decrease compared to the previous year, which was due to emigration from abroad.58 148 people emigrated to the Czech Republic and 19 519 emigrated out of the country. The majority of emigrants were Ukrainian nationals (over 13,000), followed by Slovak nationals (5,000).

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As noted above, the fertility rate declined for the first time since 2013. Despite this decline, however, the fertility rate still exceeds the mortality rate. Last year there were 114,036 births. There were 1,116 more births than deaths. The average age of first-time mothers is 28, and the average age of women giving birth is 30.

Since 1996, 2018 had the highest mortality rate, with nearly 113,000 deaths. Despite the high mortality rate, however, life expectancy has increased, and with it the number of elderly people; the average age of men in 2018 was 76 years, while women were almost 82 years old.

The human population can be divided into three age groups. First, children up to the age of 14, then the working-age group (15-64), and then the elderly group (65 and older).

The number of children has increased at an average rate of 1.3% since 2008, reaching 1.69 million in 2018. The working-age population has decreased by about 1% since 2008, reaching 6.87 million last year. The last group, the elderly, has increased by 2% during the period covered, reaching 2.1 million in 2018.
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The senior population (65+) has grown at an average rate of 2% since 2008, reaching 2.09 million

and the number of seniors has grown at an average rate of 2% since 2008.

The fact that there are more elderly than children has affected the aging of the population: in 2018, the average age of the Czech population was 42.3 years. A simple calculation shows that last year there were 1.23 elderly persons for every child.

2018 was also the year in which the most marriages took place over the past decade, with 54,470 couples. The most newlyweds took their vows in June (10,717 couples), followed by August (10,638 couples) Men were most likely to marry at age 32 and women at age 29, three years younger. At the same time, there were 24,313 divorces last year, the fewest since 2000