Online shopping with virtual mirrors

Online shopping is really popular these days. The main reasons for this are that you don\’t feel like walking around the store for long periods of time, there are more choices, and prices are often lower than in physical stores. Plus, everything is delivered to your doorstep. The major drawback often feared with such virtual shopping is that one cannot be sure what the item looks like in real life. This problem plays a particularly important role when buying clothes. So what happens if you order the wrong size?
Amazon v mobilu
This problem was solved by Amazon, a world-renowned company that has patented the so-called virtual mirror. Thanks to this gadget, you can try on the clothes being sold directly on your own body type, and you can see if the item fits you, if it fits your original size, and which size you should order. Also, can you imagine how this would work?
Nakupování online
This is all based on a smart mirror that combines a camera, display, projector, and lights. In other words, all you have to do is stand in front of this mirror and let it scan your image. Already at this stage, you can choose various items to put on your body from the app. If you turn around in front of the mirror, the virtual model reacts, allowing you to see the piece from all sides and angles. But that\’s not all. For example, if you are choosing formal wear for an important event and are not sure how it will look in the venue, you can change the background to a museum, for example. Or if you are choosing a new swimsuit, you can change the background to the beach.
Člověk před zrcadlem
Well, what do you think? Isn\’t this a really great invention that would save us both a lot of time, nerves, and worry? It is not yet certain when the company will put this patent to practical use, but we hope it will be soon.