Mindfulness Techniques

Have you ever encountered the concept of mindfulness? Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment. Let\’s take a look at what this concept means. You have probably heard the saying that life is not long enough to dwell on useless things or to dwell on the past. In other words, we need to live in the present and not look back to the past, which we can\’t change anyway. In contrast, the future is something we can change by our actions, something that can dictate where we want to go. Thanks to mindfulness techniques that have been validated and proven by scientists, you can live in the aforementioned present. By doing so, your brain will work better, your memory will improve, and overall, you will be less stressed and less distracted.


How to do mindfulness techniques?

If you imagine that you are sitting somewhere for hours and hours in a Turkish sitting position, making hmmmmm with your fingers together, you are very wrong. You will definitely love this technique. How to do it? For this technique all you need to do is just perceive. Not only walking, but also feeling the desire to eat, the way you breathe, the intervals between breaths, and if you like music, the rhythm. Focus on the very ordinary things of daily life; small exercises that take less than 10 minutes can help with all of this.


Go as far as you are comfortable with. First, find a quiet place where there are no distractions, such as screaming children or car noises. In that place, sit or lie down and slowly begin to notice your breathing. Inhale and exhale. Breathe slowly and controlled. Sometimes, especially if you are a beginner, you may get lost in thought. But nothing happens and you return to perceiving the breath again. At the end of this practice one should be more relaxed and feel the presence of everything.