How to Start Free Trade

From my experience, this is a simple matter that really does not take you much time, and you can fully devote yourself to your thoughts, whatever it is. Here I offer my experience.
Žena píšící za stolem

at first

Today I really recommend setting up a data box through which I do not have to go around the individual workplace, communicating with the authorities very easily. A place called Czech Point will help the Foundation. For example, you can find the establishment point at the branch of the Czech Post.

JRF (Single Registration Form)

To establish a self-employment permit, I first had to fill out a JRF (Single Registration Form), which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. You can download and print the form. Its filling is very simple. It is also recommended to fill out the part of the form that agrees to register with the Health insurance company (payment of health insurance) and the Czech Social Security Administration (payment of social Insurance). This ensures that the relevant location has information about the changes and does not have to go anywhere.
Muž s aktovkou a kávou

where are you going next?

After completing the application, I moved to my local trade licensing office. In the office, a very friendly staff from the relevant departments helped with the form\’s unclear points. She was ready for my curious questions, giving me advice that I should not underestimate at first. Then I paid a mandatory fee of 1000 CZK. The whole session lasted only a few minutes.

After the meeting, I was registered. I was able to start my work as soon as it came into effect.

What can I expect?

A few days later, I received a letter from a health insurance company about the amount of insurance progress. The Czech Social Security Administration sent me the amount of progress via a named data box. It was enough to establish a permanent command with the received dataand I was done.

I am ready

Based on the dates I fill in at JRF, I can do business as a self-employed person and fully devote myself to my work.