How to start a business or project without money

” do what you like, and the money will come by itself,” their without funds
hodiny za mincemi
Don\’t care about money
Go after your goals and start doing what you want to do. Of course, it should be a realistic and achievable goal. Consider whether you can do that thing and have the right, but do not try to solve the problem of money. And don\’t worry about them at all. As soon as you start dealing with too much on the financial side, you\’ll get stuck in a dead end and the project won\’t go ahead.
When a new project is created or a company is formed, participants begin to think and talk about the money and where to get it. The salary of future employees and how much it will cost to rent premises are determined. Then everything revolves only around the money, the main goal is forgotten, the project itself is ignored, does not continue, and can eventually disappear. Therefore, at the start of the project, it is better to avoid money problems and follow the recommendations: ” Just do it and the money will come by itself.”
If this is a large project that a team of people is working on, assign a person or group to take care of finances.  The rest of the team will not have to worry about this issue, they will be able to focus all their strength, attentiveness and energy on the goals of the project. 
Or get people interested in the project, convince them of its usefulness and benefit them. They are then willing to support and promote your project and start putting the time, effort and finances into it as well.
kufr boháče
Separating project questions from livelihood questions.
Maybe you\’re thinking about how you\’re going to live next month before you start implementing your plan. It remains only to start and start the project, develop the necessary activities and move forward. You need to take care of the money for next month anyway. Don\’t expect the project to give you a carefree presence for the next month. Calculate your monthly expenses and find out how important the project is to you. It is clear that the work will require an increase in the load. However, combining the needs of one\’s own livelihood with the goals of the project can seriously jeopardize its continuation.
If you have a really good idea, if you do the necessary and useful things, you will see that the money will appear at the right time. But money is not able to achieve the goal itself. Only a person can achieve the goal.