How to do science

Do you understand science and some scientific laws? And were you ever interested in science? I was as a child. I loved tinkering with toys and doing all kinds of experiments with cannons and surgical toys. You may laugh at me, but it\’s true. When I was a little older and we would get together as a family and talk to each other about the things we did when we were little, my mother used to tell me all kinds of things. But I don\’t remember much. It wasn\’t until my mother talked to me properly that I remembered a few things. And it\’s true that when I was a kid I used to rip stuffed animals and cut up dolls.

Věda je mnohem víc.

And I wanted to manipulate toys and see what was inside. What a load of rubbish! It was totally stupid and I don\’t understand why my mother didn\’t try to talk me out of it or forbid me from doing it. I am so sorry about the toys. I can see that now. I am just sorry that I broke a very beautiful large teddy bear one day that I used as a child. I tore it up so badly that I really couldn\’t fix it. I guess it was my punishment for the toy I broke. And I must say it was science. At least in my mind. Because my mother used to watch science, especially science documentaries about animals and space.

Věda a dovednosti.

And somehow I wanted to emulate that and apply it to my toys. Sometimes I even shed a tear. Anyway, what was I supposed to do when I was having fun? One thing is certain. I will never tell my children about my childhood escapades of scientific experimentation with toys. I don\’t want my children to destroy toys unnecessarily either. I still love toys and have a few in my bed. Next to my science books. What do you do most often these days? I read science books. It doesn\’t hurt anyone and I don\’t have to regret it. Because you never know where a scientific experiment is going to lead.