How do tough guys play sports?

Professional athletes are quite pampered these days. He has all the quality equipment available to him during training and competition, and he has a team of professionals behind him providing services. Doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and nutritionists ……. However, there are some sports where the athlete must be a real tough guy. For example,hráči amerického fotbalu.jpg

Antarctic rugby
The living conditions in Antarctica are extreme, even during a normal working stay. However, there are some tough guys who peacefully take on the challenge of playing rugby here. These are the scientists who regularly leave the safety of their base for the sport. 12]

Eskimo Olympics[edit] The harsh, ice-covered environment breeds some truly tough men. It is even said that Eskimos have their own Olympics of rough sports. For example, wrestling, where they rip off their opponents\’ ears. They just pull their ears!

Taco wrestling
In warmer parts of the United States, wrestling was invented again in the 1960s. And they were not small men. The “champion” weighed 40 pounds. The goal was for the stronger man to pull the octopus ashore. During the sport\’s heyday, even American sports stations broadcast its matches!

Elephant polo
Most athletic men learn polo on horseback. But with elephants, it takes courage. It is said that at one party, two wealthy businessmen invented the sport. One was a master polo player and the other supplied a proper elephant rider. The game is basically the same as horseback, only the elephants have been replaced and the hammers are a little longer. The length is 3 meters!dva běžící muži.jpg

The “ba” game
This was a ball game that the Vikings were already playing. But instead of a ball they had a head, which they chopped off from a defeated enemy. Today\’s version is played with a leather ball. The ground is traditionally a Scottish town. In the game, the town is divided into upper and lower sides, which compete against each other. Players attempt to pass the ball thrown into the street to the opposing side. By the time either team succeeds, the town is “upside down”. But the residents don\’t care. It\’s tradition!