HIV-positive sperm donors

The world\’s first sperm bank to accept sperm from HIV-positive sperm donors has opened in New Zealand. The project was called “sperm positive.””Through this project, sperm donors who are actually HIV positive can, technically speaking, report.

Jehla a léky

HIV is an incurable disease that is transmitted through blood or sexual contact. The disease is now incurable, causing a major weakening of the immune system, which makes it easy to succumb to common diseases and predispose to certain types of cancer. It is not curable today, but treatable.

Treatment is done through antiviral drugs that help control the disease and prevent infection to others. They can bring the concentration of the virus in the blood and sperm below a detectable level. This means that if a person who has been successfully treated has been tested for HIV, they will not be recorded as HIV positive. But he remains HIV positive. If he stops treatment, the disease will reappear. But if he is honestly taking antiviral drugs and his virus level is below detectable levels, it is virtually impossible to transmit it to others. HIV-positive men can easily become fathers without risking their partners or future children.
Miminko s dudlíkem

This is exactly what the Sperm Bank of New Zealand wanted to point out. The sperm bank ensures that it works quite normally. Associate the right donor with the right recipient, the recipient is clearly informed that the sperm is from an HIV positive donor, and of course with the appropriate explanation They aim to draw attention to the stigma often attributed to HIV positive individuals, but very often they can lead a completely normal and long life. Their motto is that they can pass eyes, hair, or a typical smile, but they can\’t pass HIV.