History of fashion from 100 years ago to today

Fashion can be exciting, but it can also be deadly. This is especially true of today\’s. Fashion has changed dramatically and is often compared to today. Fashion that covered every part of the body has moved on to today\’s fashion where almost everything is exposed. But slowly but surely, the fashion that existed 30 years ago is returning.

Fashion during the First Republic. Women dressed like men, and loose-fitting clothing was no exception. Long coats, skirts and pants, even ties for women, and berets and hats were not to be missed.

prvorepubliková móda

I like to watch movies for my memoirs, and the fashions of the First Republic are beautifully represented there. Even if they don\’t dress like that now, they have a certain charm.


Or the fashion of our grandmothers when they were young. The main change was in the waist, which eventually began to be emphasized. Many movies were made that spotlighted this era, and this fashion was TOP and is still very popular today. Women looked more feminine.

móda 50. léta


For me it was still the fashion smile era. Personally, although I was not yet born, I can picture my father as Jon Bon Jovi in his rugged harem, denim jacket, and jeans that went up to his navel, and my mother in her tight leggings. I also notice that this particular fashion has been revived and flourishing for several years. Except, of course, for the hair.

21st century fashion. I routinely see people on the street who, from my point of view, are dressed normally, but I also see people who may not have looked in the mirror this morning. Men wear skirts, tight pants and leggings, and women\’s hair and men\’s clothes do not reveal their gender. But that is the freedom of our time, and it is a good thing. Some people follow fashion trends, others don\’t. I wouldn\’t be surprised if someday people will be wearing clothes from 100 years ago.