Fashion in the Stands

I am an avid sports fan. I like active sports, of course, but I also like passive sports, of course. Not only do I love to stay at home and watch games and various sports broadcasts, but I also love to attend these sporting events and be a part of the big pot in the stadium. I like to dress according to fashion and, of course, I like to make it clear which side I am on when I head to the venue.
hokejové dresy
Appropriate attire
In my opinion, one should always dress appropriately for the event. If I am going to a dance competition, I dress smartly. The same attire that a dancer wears at a competition will not convey my support for the dancers. However, if I am already rooting for a particular couple or team and have been following them for a while, I try to match not only the fashion trends, but also the color combination and style of the couple. However, when I go to a field hockey or soccer game, I also want to wear that team\’s jersey. However, I don\’t think that just because I\’m wearing a jersey doesn\’t mean I have to support the team. For example, if I go to a Czech national team game, be it field hockey, ice hockey, or soccer game, I can use other options. Which one?

I respect the colors of my country!
I always blend in well when I go to support my national team, but not everyone feels their best in a jersey. Even I don\’t feel particularly pretty or innovative in a jersey. So I find other ways to support my team.
vlajka ČR
Just recently, I decided to go cheer for the national field hockey team in the World Cup. And it was exactly that moment when I could use the creativity and magic of the colors of the flag. Red, blue, and white.

I chose a white and red striped shirt. I paired it with blue shorts and of course I couldn\’t leave out the red shoes. All the shades matched each other like the colors of a flag.

You may think that wearing makeup in the colors of our beautiful flag is overkill, but don\’t worry. I made sure my eye makeup was shaded from white to blue. Of course, I didn\’t want my eyes to look like they were rimmed with monocle. Then for the lips, I chose a beautiful red lipstick that matched my trick perfectly.

To complete the effect, I matched the handbag with short pants. Of course, the desire to match the handbag to the color of the shoes was paramount. However, knowing that this trend has now disappeared, I decided to go with the above option.

While I believe I cheered the team enough with my voice and applause, I am also certain that my choice of attire and makeup colors emphasized and showed that I believed in the players!