Fashion in Leisure

Fashion trends also permeate leisure. For example, in golf, hunting, and sinology one can find many interesting models. In these outfits, practicality and comfort are combined with aesthetic aspects. However, fashion in leisure also has its own rules and styles.
golfistka na hřišti.jpg
Golf Fashion
Golf is an expensive hobby. This includes the high purchase price of each garment. In recent years, sportswear, especially golf fashion, has undergone significant changes. Clothing is made of very high quality materials and the purchase price is based on that. Golf fashions are highly profitable items for retailers. The materials used are water absorbent, sweat absorbent, breathable, and wrinkle resistant. An important component of golf apparel is the collared shirt. A golfer without a collared shirt is unthinkable; a T-shirt is essential. For example, there is an unwritten rule that jeans are not appropriate for the golf course.
Another essential wardrobe accessory for the golfer is a cap or visor. The latter is popular among women.
A similar fashion trend exists in tennis as in golf. Women are especially enthusiastic about tennis skirts. They can choose from world-famous brands to inexpensive models.
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Psynologist fashion
Hunting and psynology see very different outfits. While in golf and tennis, clothing is often white or pastel-colored, hunting and psinology clothing uses more subdued colors such as green, brown, and gray. This, however, does not detract from the interesting nature of the clothing.
Today\’s cynology fashions are no longer rugged. Multipurpose vests and pants made of waterproof and durable materials have pockets large enough to hold training aids. Typical of these garments are double zippers, high collars, and drawstrings at the waist. These seemingly small things protect against inclement weather when spending time outdoors or on the training grounds with your four-legged charge. Walking clothes are often decorated with dog footprint motifs.