Eco-friendly T-shirts at eco-friendly prices!

With everything closed down – gyms, sports clubs, swimming pools, ice rinks – we have few sports options these days. The coronavirus era took something from us, but it also gave us something. Not all the days are over. If you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the month of May is both a season of love and a season of cool challenges.
If you haven\’t heard about this national event, please do! Then join your friends, co-workers, and peers, and let everyone you know who likes to be physically active, not just commuting, know about biking.

žena s úsměvem na cyklo kole

This May marks the 11th year of this great event, which attracts many cycling enthusiasts and those who profess to be healthy movers and shakers. Basically, the idea is to pledge to commute to work on your own feet for the entire month of May. Unless, of course, your place of employment is 100 miles away from Falkland or your home. Nevertheless, there were enthusiastic people who drove 100 miles to work last year as well!
The organizers are brilliant young people who care about sustainable transportation being environmentally friendly and saving the planet\’s green lungs. It is also economical and has a significant impact on the health of the “competitors.” Who is a competitor? They enjoy the fun of exercise, moving their muscles, pumping air into their lungs, releasing endorphins, and sharing their experiences with friends. Signing up is easy.

dvojice jede spolu na kole

Mileage can be easily recorded using a specially developed app. Those who do not wish to record can do so “manually” directly on the Challenge website, and the information will be automatically transferred to the system. It also records the mileage and “earned” mileage of other participants, giving an overview of what is happening across the country. And believe me, it is often very motivating! Plus, you get an eco-friendly T-shirt at an eco-friendly price! Last year over 16,000 people participated. Join up with fellow walkers and cyclists, form a team and invite your colleagues.
Interesting prizes await you, and participating cities also reward “athletes”. There will also be a “Cycling Enthusiast of the Year”competition. We look forward to your participation!