Does money divide society?

Do we ever wonder if money divides society? Many people probably think so. After all, consider how many people are envious when others have a lot of money. One person has a lot of debt, which they may not have created or gotten out of. Would that be fair?
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Society is divided
Yes, society is indeed divided. Even the latest survey results show that the imaginary scissors between the rich and the poor are increasingly open. Furthermore, the facts about average wages are also very deceptive. The average wage includes all salaries of managers and other highly paid employees. Do any of you have the average monthly income so declared? And we quickly disagree. Some of us cannot understand how it is possible for our members to have such large salaries that they are earning for little or nothing. And why have they lowered the price of food and beverages in the cafeteria? How can such members understand the needs of those who receive only a meager salary?
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Personally, I cannot understand their attitude toward those who are unable to work, disabled, or ill and can no longer take care of themselves. How is it possible that the state does not take care of such people? Unfortunately, this is the order of the day, we see it on TV and many people experience it first hand. Society as a whole is very divided. Even if we don\’t want to admit it, we envy others when they have a lot of money.
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Does anyone really have a good time?
Many people have thought about this question, and I have thought about it myself. All people should be paid the same salary and have the same employment opportunities. Unfortunately, this is not the case today. People envy their friends and family for being wealthier and for being able to do what they cannot. It is a difficult situation and money will further divide society. [If the disparity continues to widen, the situation will not change.