Building Your Own Computer

Computers have long been useful not only for work, but also for playing various games. The type of games that can be played depends greatly on the quality of the computer, or the quality of the components that are chosen. A computer is not a single machine, but a combination of many parts. If you choose the wrong one, you may not be able to run it at all.

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The processor is the foundation of all computers and makes everything run. Without it, a computer would not run. If you just need a computer for work, a cheap one will do. But if you want to play the latest games, it will definitely cost you thousands of dollars.


The processor has to be connected somewhere, and that place is the motherboard. This is essentially the foundation of the computer, on top of which more components are placed. Like the processor, an inexpensive motherboard is sufficient for office work, but for gaming you need to save a little less hair.
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Another necessity, without which the computer cannot function at all. This is a folder for storing data for programs and applications currently in use. If you use more demanding programs, it is recommended that you purchase better memory. Prices have come down recently, so this should not be a major problem.

Like memory, hard disks are used to store data. This time it stores essentially all data, not the program currently used. Drives can be distinguished between traditional solid state drives, which have solid parts, and SSDs, which do not have solid parts SSDs are much faster, but also more expensive. However, they are worth buying, at least as a system.


Graphics are very important not only in games but also in office computers. Office machines can use the integrated graphics that some processors have, so there is no need to buy additional components. However, if you want to play games, such graphics cards are not sufficient. There are a wide variety of graphics cards on the market today, many of which cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, this is extreme. For most gamers, graphics under 10,000 crowns are sufficient.