Bouquet or houseplants?

Women love flowers – this is common knowledge. But did you know that some prefer houseplants to huge, gorgeous bouquets of all colors and fragrances? You need to know this fact and choose your gift accordingly. Most bouquetsare made of cut flowers, which last a few days or at most a few weeks in a vase and then shrivel up. For this reason, many women (and men) find bouquets a waste of money.
červené růžičky.jpg
Houseplants are the solution to this problem. If you know that your partner or wife has at least one “houseplant” in the house, or has a generally positive relationship with nature and plants, I urge you to go to a flower shop and pick out a houseplant. Not only are they cheaper than Puget, but they will beautify your apartment, house, or garden.
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Easy plants
that are sure to make you happy.
For example, palms, dracaenas, succulents, ficus, candlesticks, wax flowers, etc. Your florist will be able to advise you. However, avoid cacti. Such gifts may seem a little odd. Are you trying to tell a woman something?
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As for the more demanding plants, you should definitely choose either orchids or bromeliads. Not only are these usually quite tall plants, but orchids bloom and give off a wonderful fragrance. There are rules to follow when growing these plants. For example, bromeliads should be watered directly into the funnel formed by the leaves, and there are many other rules you can read about on the Internet or in books. If your girlfriend is a real houseplant lover, this atlas will please her very much.
The last thing to mention is packaging. The easiest and best for plants are the classic cardboard gift bags you can buy anywhere. They should be large enough so that the potted flowers will not move inside. Avoid other packaging such as plastic wrap. Ensure that the plant does not have room to breathe.