Are you willing to lose weight for the sake of your little one? Grandsons turn you on

A cane-like figure is the dream of almost every woman, and who will tell you to your face that, no, she is happy with her hundred kilograms of living weight, I I hope you did not believe me… But no one is allowed to float around the world on a pink cloud, let alone run briskly, just bounce lightly. As the years go by, excess weight often increases, especially at a carefully creeping pace. First a kilo, then another, then another, and before we know it, the weight is there, not inviting us in. The weight eats away at us, and no matter how hard we try, it won\’t come off. Some people put up with it, some shake it off, some love to eat, love comfort food and good beer, so they merrily grow a beer belly.

dědeček se raduje z vnoučka

Others become bothered by fatness and know that overweight and obesity shortens their lives, yet they put up with it and get fatter. Breathing becomes difficult, joints, back and head ache, blood pressure rises, diabetes develops, cholesterol rises, blood vessels clog, and strokes occur. No, we are not trying to scare you by any means, but rather to outline what can happen when someone doesn\’t deal with excess weight because they think they have to die of something. Yes, but you don\’t have to die in your 40s…

dědeček si hraje se svou vnučkou

If you have similar health issues, have you ever thought about being not only good parents, but grandparents as well? Would you be happy to see your family line continue and would you want to hold your newborn grandson or granddaughter in your arms? Would you want to teach them about life? Would you want to teach your grandson to play soccer, take your granddaughter to dance class, and marvel at her beauty and youth? But to beat your grandchildren at soccer, you would probably need to lose a few pounds. If not for yourself, perhaps you might go for it to win the little guy\’s admiring eyes.
And we bless and pray for your decision! For it is not an easy decision to make, and it is one to persevere! But the sun is shining on your path. What else can we call these little adorable children who are so good to us?