Ankle boots + Dress – how to combine?

Shoes and dress up these things that dominate for many years both on the catwalk and on the street. Fashion also wants comfort, so it\’s good to be able to feel feminine and comfortable at the same time, especially in autumn and winter. The key to success in choosing shoes with a dress is to solve 3 basic problems:

dívka stojí na louce

Customize the shoes according to the style of the dress or vice versa.

Tailor shoes and dresses according to the type of figure.

Adapt the style to the occasion.

In the current trend, it is best to mix contrasting styles, but if you go to the office wearing this outfit with cowboy boots with a floral dress, how to know if this star shoe fits the dress, as well as your figure?

Cowboy Boots + Boho dress

1. Cowboy boots – one of the biggest fashion hits of last season. They are very comfortable and are very popular because they add a height of a few centimeters. They fit well with clamps, but look even better in the company of boho dresses! Cowboy boots can be combined with both long floral dresses, as well as patchwork and midi. But do not forget that this type of style is perfect for casual situations, such as shopping, coffee with friends or a break in college.

žena v šatech

Ankle Boots + Clamp dress

What style for the office? Here it is worth betting on a proven solution – a clamped dress and high heels. This combination will never become obsolete, and if instead of stiletto heel shoes you choose one that is on a wider heel, you will certainly not lack comfort even during long work days. The hit of this season is such a combination of the 60s, that is, a dress with a maximally simple cut, but with an original pattern, such as a checkered pattern.

Lock Mini Dress + Shoes

The flight comes back and comes back with shoes with studs and buckles that are characteristic of punk and grunge style. The dress can look like a plaid shirt or a motorcycle outfit. These combinations guarantee you 100% sex appeal.

Trick: If you need visually thin legs, add styling pantyhose, so that you can wear a mini dress with rock-style shoes. Thanks to this simple trick, your legs will look long and slim!