[Some experts experienced in the fields of medicine, healthy lifestyles, and rational nutrition argue that man\’s greatest enemy is stress rather than bad habits. Stressful people put more stress on their bodies than people who live happily and peacefully, even with unhealthy eating habits. [Many companies, not only in the Czech Republic, are facing an interesting phenomenon. Since the Velvet Revolution, our society has moved to the old modus operandi of “capitalism, or imperialism.” In principle, we can call this market system whatever we want, but in any case, it is not stable per se and has experienced various periods that our ancestors had already defined decades ago. From crisis to recession, then to recovery, finally to boom, then to crisis again, and on and on.
úzkost a stres

Doing business smart and eliminating stress is not easy. But even at the top of the whole system there are pitfalls, which sometimes weigh heavily on the shoulders of the employees. Many Czech and foreign-owned companies are facing labor shortages, at least to remain competitive on the market, and they have orders they cannot refuse in the manufacturing and service sectors. Employees are overworked, often having to do large numbers of jobs that should be done by two or more people. But this does not last forever, and the first signs of overwork are dealt with first by confusion and depression, then sedation, then more frustration, and finally a mental breakdown or quitting.
anologové hodiny

Statistics have shown alarming results

. Very high levels of mental stress are further exacerbated by long commutes, leading to psychological counseling centers and, in the worst cases, psychiatry According to a poll conducted in the Czech Republic at the end of 2017, more than half of employees in the trade, manufacturing, marketing, and service business sectors are overstressed, and another 15% even have unmanageable stress. Only 6% of respondents reported relatively low levels of stress at work. Respondents also confessed that the greatest stress in their lives today comes from excessive workloads, not from shopping, home environment, wife-mother-in-law relationships, and similar, often unpleasant situations.